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Voter Registration

Voter Registration Requirements

  • Citizen of the United States
  • Resident of the state of Colorado for at least 22 days
  • At least 16 years old, with understanding that you must be 18 years old to be eligible to vote
  • Provide a valid Colorado Driver’s License or Colorado ID card OR present one of the acceptable forms of identification for voting

How to Register 

Registering for the first time in Colorado

Up to 22 days prior to the election
  • Register by mail
  • Register through a Driver’s License Examination Facility
  • Register through a Voter Registration Drive (VRD)
Up to 8 days prior to the Election
  • State of Colorado online voter registration site
In-Person at any time during which registration is permitted including Election Day
  • In-person at your County Clerk’s office
  • In-person at a Voter Service Center in your County
Change of Address for voters registered in Colorado
  • By mail with a letter or a form furnished by the County Clerk and received no later than the 8th day before the election
  • State of Colorado On-line Voter Registration System by the 8th day before the election
  • In-person at any time during which registration is permitted including Election Day
  • Appear in-person at any time when open, including on Election Day, at your County Clerk’s Office, or a Voter Service and Polling Center in your county of residence.
Voters may check their registration at

Mail-in forms are available at government offices, libraries and registration drives sponsored by groups and employers. Forms may also be accessed on the websites for the Secretary of State, County Clerks, or League of Women Voters of Colorado. Download yours now (via SoS site).

Colorado Online Voter Registration
Online Voter Registration is possible if your signature is on record with a Colorado Government agency such as driver’s license, Colorado I.D. card, Medicaid, etc.

Acceptable Identification Forms

Identification is required for voting at all polling places. First time voters voting by mail may need to submit identification. Acceptable ID forms are:
  • Valid Colorado driver’s license;
  • Valid Colorado identification card;
  • Valid U.S. passport;
  • Employee identification card from a government agency with photo;
  • Valid U.S. military card;
  • Copy of current utility bill, paycheck or government check showing name and current address;
  • FAA photo pilot’s license;
  • Certified naturalization document;
  • Valid Medicare or Medicaid card;
  • Certified copy of birth certificate;
  • Valid student ID card with photo;
  • Valid veteran’s ID card;
  • Valid ID card from a recognized tribal government.
Your Voice, Your Vote

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