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Clean Campaign Act of 2019 (HR19-1318)

Sponsors:  Rep. M. Weissman | Sen. J. Bridges | Sen. M. Foote
Legislation was introduced in the Colorado Legislature that will shine light on secret political spending in Colorado elections and help our state hold those that break campaign finance laws accountable. Reforming money in politics will help detect and deter corruption, stop foreign financial influence, and increase transparency.

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National Popular Vote 

The National Popular Vote (NPV) legislation passed by the Colorado General Assembly and signed by the governor is under attack. Petitions repealing the legislation that passed in the 2019 session of the state legislature are being circulated. The latest information is that the opposition has gathered 100,000 signatures. The required number of valid signatures is about 124,000; they have until August to gather a target goal of 200,000 to insure they have enough valid signatures.  

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Equal Pay for Equal Work Act

Sponsors: Sen. Danielson | Sen. Pettersen | Rep.Buckner | Rep. Gonzales | Rep. Gutierrez

SB19-085 creates the “Equal Pay for Equal Work Act”, a Colorado solution to address

pay and gender equity with two key elements:

  • Common-sense prevention and transparency measures such as posting salary ranges for jobs and notifying current employees of promotional opportunities
  • The ability for women to challenge pay disparities that exist with male colleagues

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Extreme Risk Protective Order (HB19-1177)


Sponsors: Rep. Sullivan | Rep. Garnett | Sen. Court | Sen. Petterson

The Red Flag Act will increase safety for everyone

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