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Date: 4/12/2021
Subject: Collecting Data
From: Rionda Osman

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TO:  Local League Presidents and Leadership Teams
SUBJECT:  Data Collection

Demise of the Data Collector

We have decided to abandon the Data Collector to avoid adding administrative burden to the local leagues.   We had postponed the launch of the 2nd Data Collector until April when the LWVUS survey appeared last fall.   In light of the length and difficulty of the LWVUS survey, we will seek to access useful information from LWVUS that will allow us to describe our leagues and gauge our progress toward important goals instead of asking local leagues to duplicate part of that effort. 

Colorado Demographics for DEI

While we won't be collecting statistics through the Data Collector, we still need to be able to describe our leagues and measure progress toward our DEI goals.  At the minimum, we need two pieces of information from each member:  birth year and race/ ethnicity. 
We can add two questions to our membership sign-up form on ClubExpress.  And we can encourage our current members to update their profile to include Additional Member Data.  I attach instructions.  
In the coming months we should all consider what information we need to describe our leagues and our activities.  Working toward DEI goals and working toward our mission goals of informing voters require us to keep track of progress.  Those who raise funds and seek support need this information as well.  
Please discuss the Additional Member Data with your leadership teams, and add these questions to your sign-up forms.  If you have questions or comments, please contact either Rionda Osman or Beth Hendrix.  

How to Add Member Questions

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