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Date: 8/27/2021
Subject: Board Briefings - Notes from the LWVCO August Board Meeting
From: Beth Hendrix

Board Briefings
August 2021

President's Letter: Change Is In The Air

From Karen Sheek, LWVCO Board President...


Greetings League Members,


As I sit down to compose this letter, I am struck by how quickly this summer has passed. Children have returned to school, there’s a nip in the air when I step out on my back patio in the morning, and some of the maples in the median at the entrance to my subdivision are beginning to turn a beautiful shade of orange. I hope you all have had a wonderful summer, reconnecting in-person with family and friends and that you are looking forward to getting back into the swing of things with your Local Leagues.


Summer has been a productive time for the LWVCO staff and Board. And there have been some challenges and changes as well. We welcomed four new Board members at our June Board Orientation: Sharon Davis, Chris Humphries, Veniece Miller, and Camila Navarette. While they have been wonderful additions to our Board, two continuing members have or will be stepping off the Board before the end of their terms: Lois Adams, Chair of the Nominating Committee, resigned in July, and Steve Coddington, Co-Director of Voter Services, will be leaving in October to move closer to family and a sweet new grandbaby.


 Connie Fox, a fellow Montezuma County League member, has agreed to come on the LWVCO Board and become the Chair of the Nominating Committee in Lois’s place. Connie has served on the Nominating Committee for the past two years and has hit the ground running in search of a replacement for Steve’s Voter Support position. If you have Voter Support experience with your Local League or know someone you believe would be successful in this position, please email Connie. We’re looking at some exciting changes in Voter Services this year and are anxious to fill this position.

Read more of Karen's letter on our website to learn about other changes and opportunities in LWVCO!

News You Can Use

Happy Women's Equality Day

Women's Equality Day was celebrated this week on August 26. To honor this special occasion, we are sharing a message from Dr. Deborah Ann Turner, LWVUS President. Thank you all for supporting our mission of empowering voters and defending democracy!


Update On LWVCO Bylaws

You may recall during our Annual Meeting in May that members approved several changes to our bylaws. However, there was still a pending question: we were seeking clarification from LWVUS if they require that all Leagues use the exact same text for Articles I-III, or if only the titles of those articles needs to be the same.
Our membership had already voted to allow us to amend the bylaws based on what we learned from LWVUS. We have received the official answer – exact replication of all article text is advised -- so we have amended Articles I-III accordingly.
You can review the final amended bylaws in our Document Library.
Join The LWVCO Nominating Committee


Are you looking for a way to get more involved with the Colorado League? Join the Nominating Committee! This group recruits skilled, passionate individuals for our Board and committees, and it serves such an important function that it's the only committee described in the LWVCO bylaws.
Joining the Nominating Committee requires committing to a two-year term. Frequent collaboration with League leadership -- along with partner organizations and nonmembers -- is expected in order to identify, contact, and educate the people who are interested in Board or committee service. These connections are valuable to better solicit multiple qualified individuals for the same vacancies.
If you are interested in pursuing this opportunity, please email Connie Fox, Chair of the Nominating Committee, as soon as possible.

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