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Action Alert: National Popular Vote

 | Published on 7/5/2019


The National Popular Vote (NPV) legislation passed by the Colorado General Assembly and signed by the governor is under attack. Petitions repealing the legislation that passed in the 2019 session of the state legislature are being circulated. The latest information is that the opposition has gathered 100,000 signatures. The required number of valid signatures is about 124,000; they have until August to gather a target goal of 200,000 to insure they have enough valid signatures.

It is critical that League members and friends publicize in one form or another the importance of retaining the National Popular Vote legislation passed this last session of the state legislature. We are in danger of losing a hard-won piece of important legislation. Between now and August the emphasis should be on encouraging people not to sign the petition. Should the repeal get on the ballot, the League will then join a campaign to fight the ballot initiative.

It is a lot easier and, particularly, less expensive to defeat a petition drive than to run a campaign, so please do what you can over the next month and a half to defeat the petition drive and educate your friends about these three reasons to retain the National Popular Vote legislation to achieve a popular vote for president:

  1. The person with the most votes should win
  2. Every vote should be equal – instead of the current system whereby voters in swing states, aka battleground states, have far more influence in an election than voters in any other state.
  3. Voter turnout in non-swing states is far lower than that in swing states.

Here is a link to a National Popular Vote Toolkit June 2019 with information that was distributed at the pre-convention workshop at the end of May. It contains background information and a presentation for use in giving educational forums, writing letters to the editor, providing flyers, etc.

Please contact Toni Larson (303-249-2064) or Linda Sorauf (408-710-6164) if you have any questions.