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Date: 8/25/2021
Subject: Coming Soon: Ballot Issue Brochures
From: Beth Hendrix

League Updates
Hi Judy & Barb --
Gerry Cummins forwarded your email about Ballot Issues to me.
The below email went out yesterday, and I'm forwarding it on to you on the off-chance that Jane Hamburger doesn't forward. Please don't hesitate to call or email me with any questions.
FYI -- Gerry 'retired' from the LWVCO Board and as Director of Voter Services at Convention. Current Voter Services co-directors for LWVCO are Steve Coddington and Chris Humphries -- but feel free to contact me with questions, and I'll send you to the right person.
Thank you!
Beth Hendrix
Executive Director
League of Women Voters of Colorado
303-588-5470 cell
303-863-0437 office
It's Time for Colorado Ballot Issues Brochures
Hello to Colorado leaders in Local Leagues and Voter Services!
Did you know that LWVCO began producing Ballot Issues pamphlets in 1936? That's 85 years!
It's looking like there will be three statewide issues on the ballot in November, and accordingly, we're preparing the 2021 Colorado Ballot Issues brochures. In response to member requests, we're offering two options for distribution this year:
Please let us know how many printed copies of Colorado Ballot Issues, in both English and Spanish, you'd like for distribution in your League's region by emailing by Monday, Aug. 30. (Note: COVID restrictions may impact distribution -- please keep this in mind when ordering!)
 We expect to distribute printed brochures via USPS the week of Sept. 27. The cost per brochure is still unclear, but we're hoping for $0.10/each or less. We'll be in touch ASAP as we learn more.
  • Monday, Aug. 30: Email the number of Spanish and English brochures you'd like to
  • Friday, Sept. 3: Digital copies of Colorado Ballot Issues in English and Spanish will be sent to all Colorado members. These copies will be suitable for websites, e-newsletters and social media.
  • Monday, Sept. 27: Expected mail date of printed brochures 
On Friday, Sept. 3, we'll email Colorado Ballot Issues as a Word document, allowing your League to add local/regional election information. This combo local/state Ballot Issues brochure will be printed locally at the printer of your choice with LWVCO financial support.
LWVCO will provide translation into Spanish and formatting help, and LWVCO proofing will be required before printing each combo brochure. Colorado Ballot Issues language is Board-approved and may not be altered in any way when creating a combo brochure. 
  • Monday, Aug. 30: Email to inform us that your League is taking Option 2.
  • Friday, Sept. 3: You'll receive via email a Word copy of Colorado Ballot Issues, and pdf copies of Colorado Ballot Issues in English and Spanish will be sent to all Colorado members, which will be suitable for websites, e-newsletters, and social media.
  • Friday, Sept. 10 or as soon as you're able: Send a draft copy of your combo brochure, with local/regional election information added to Colorado Ballot Issues, to for proofing and translation, along with a bid for printing. We'll return English and Spanish versions ASAP via email and will work with Leagues individually regarding direct payment to printers or reimbursement.
We hope to have all printed brochures in circulation by the end of September. Questions? Call Beth on her cell at 303-588-5470.
This combo approach will allow Colorado Leagues to meet the needs of local voters more easily while also supporting local printers. If you have ideas as to how to improve the process, let Beth know! We'll be formally asking for feedback post-election.

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